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Technology for the control and monitoring of vital parameters outside the testing laboratory

Lumina nanobiotech proposes innovative technology associates ultimate vital and bio-parameters detection and testing with the advantage of a remote small device that can virtually connect with any counterpart, representing a novelty in Point of Care tests (POCT).

Remote detection and monitoring of vital parameters can be achieved virtually anywhere taking Lumina Nano Biotech’s device to the patient and may be developed to be also employed without the aid of a specialized medical staff.

The technology has also been tested in extreme conditions (like in the space in a microgravity environment). Lumina Nano Biotech’s device was successfully used on the ISS by Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli during his VITA mission.

Lumina nanobiotech is an academic spinoff focused on the development of biotech products capable of performing tests outside the testing laboratory, for diagnostic use for the control and monitoring of vital parameters. Lumina nanobiotech is a technology to be applied on normal smartphones through integrated technologies such as camera, light source, WiFi connectivity, geo-tagging, cloud computing.

The final result is a Point Of Need device, portable and highly technological, capable of performing chemical and biological analysis using bio-chemiluminescence and reflection methods.

About us

The innovation

Lumina nanobiotech develops high-tech and biotech biosensors ideal for performing tests outside of laboratories, analyses for both diagnostic use for the control and monitoring of vital, environmental and agri-food parameters.

The biosensors can be integrated on any Smartphone. After contact with the sample to be analyzed, it performs the test, the results of which are measured with a chemiluminescent reader. The innovative immunological method of Lumina nanobiotech technology guarantees high specificity.

The product

The product is a sophisticated but user-friendly tool, extremely small and handy whose applications are countless, for example, can be used for rapid clinical decisions in emergencies, for the daily screening of bio-parameters that need to be monitored in real-time and as a tool for routine medical diagnostics. It is a disposable accessory, similar to a stick, characterized by an external cartridge (composed of reagent materials) that will be put in contact with the organic liquid to be analyzed.

The stick will take on a certain color depending on the substance to be tested; through the camera of the smartphone, then, it will be possible to measure the light, process the chemiluminescence reaction and convert it into data, and then return them through the intelligence of a specially created app.

The exclusivity of the product lies, therefore, in the innovative methods used to carry out analyses usually exclusive to the laboratories and immediately transmit patient data.

Thanks to their small size and integration with a smartphone, Lumina nanobiotech‘s biosensors can be used in a wide range of situations: in the home, on an outpatient level, in first aid departments, in containment departments for infectious diseases, in ambulances, in military centres, on cruise ships or in areas where an accident has occurred.

Lumina nanobiotech biosensors can also be used directly by the patient.

TARGET MARKET: The company, through its technologies targets the following markets:

  • The I.V.D. market: this market shows a TAM of 53b USD and projects a CAGR of 6.1% on average until 2023

Clinical Need

  • Lumina nanobiotech develops biotech products that are ideal for testing outside the testing laboratory, for diagnostic use to control and monitor vital parameters. 
  • The device is an instrument capable of performing on-site tests to facilitate the monitoring of bio-parameters, even when it is not possible to use an analysis laboratory. The product has been adapted to measure levels of cortisol (a hormone related to stress levels), highlighting the many benefits of this technology. The use of the device, in fact, is not limited only to experts in the field, but can also be used by unqualified personnel, returning accurate and reliable quantitative data in real-time, even in extreme conditions (such as the microgravity).


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